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The system in the body composed of muscle cells and tissues that bring about movement of an organ or part of the body.

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rotator cuff

Anatomy; Muscular

The group of muscles and their tendons that act to stabilize the shoulder. The four muscles of the rotator cuff, along with the teres major, the coracobrachialis muscle and the deltoid, make up the ...


Anatomy; Muscular

A sphincter-like muscle of the nose whose function is to compress the nasal cartilage.

dilator naris

Anatomy; Muscular

Part of the nasalis muscle. It is divided into posterior and anterior parts.

depressor septi nasi

Anatomy; Muscular

The depressor septi arises from the incisive fossa of the maxilla. Its fibers ascend to be inserted into the nasal septum and back part of the alar part of nasalis muscle. It lies between the mucous ...

levator anguli oris

Anatomy; Muscular

A facial muscle of the mouth arising from the canine fossa, immediately below the infraorbital foramen.

levator labii superioris

Anatomy; Muscular

A muscle of the human body used in facial expression. It is a broad sheet, the origin of which extends from the side of the nose to the zygomatic bone.

depressor labii inferioris

Anatomy; Muscular

A facial muscle that helps lower the bottom lip.

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