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Of or pertaining to the manipulation of matter on an atomic or molecular scale. More specifically, it is the science and technology of matter manipulation from 1 to 100 nanometers.

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quantum tunneling

Physics; Nanotechnology

When electrons pass through a barrier, without overcoming it or breaking it down. See this illustration.

quantum well

Physics; Nanotechnology

A P-N-P junction in which the "N" layer is ~10 nm (where traditional physics leaves off and quantum effects take over) and an "electron trap" is created. "If one makes a heterostructure with ...

quantum wire

Physics; Nanotechnology

Another form of quantum dot, but unlike the single-dimension "dot," a quantum wire is confined only in two dimensions - that is it has "length," and allows the electrons to propagate in a ...


Physics; Nanotechnology

Think of your brain. Now, think of your brain performing at vastly superior levels. Nanobots will become an as-needed addition to your existing neurons, extending your mental capacities further then ...

orbital tower

Physics; Nanotechnology

also known as a "space tether", "beanstalk" or "heavenly funicular". A cable in synchronous orbit, with one end anchored to the surface of the Earth, often with a small asteroid at the outer end to ...

paradigm shift

Physics; Nanotechnology

When one conceptual world-view is replaced by another, or, a change of patterns on a massive scale. When Copernicus showed how the Earth rotates around the Sun, and not vice versa, that created a ...

pervasive computing

Physics; Nanotechnology

When computers (and sensors and actuators) become virtually invisible, and are used in almost every aspect of human commerce, interaction, and life. It will allow you full control over data and ...

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