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Transportation; Nautical

Charges for the services of tugs assisting a ship or other vessels in ports or other locations; the act of towing a ship or other objects from one place to another.


Transportation; Nautical

When one or more vessels are being towed; when a tug is towing (hauling) one or more floating objects.

time bar

Transportation; Nautical

A time after which legal claims will not be entertained.


Transportation; Nautical

The running of a ship on shore on a beach.


Transportation; Nautical

The reverse movement of a vessel.


Transportation; Nautical

Individuals or businesses who tender goods or cargo for transportation - usually the cargo owners or their representatives and not to be confused with the party issuing the bills of lading or the ...

ship's agent

Transportation; Nautical

A person or firm who transact all the ship's business in a port on behalf of shipowners or charterers.

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