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atomic bomb

Chemistry; Neurochemistry

A very destructive bomb that explodes because of the energy released when the nuclei of the radioactive atoms break up in the process known as fission.


Chemistry; Neurochemistry

The particles that fall from the sky after the explosion of a nuclear weapon. Fallout is poisonous because of its radioactivity.


Chemistry; Neurochemistry

A powerful bursting caused by energy that is released very quickly. Explosions can be caused by the reaction of chemical compounds.

hydrogen bomb

Chemistry; Neurochemistry

An extremely destructive bomb that gets its explosive power by turning hydrogen atoms into helium atoms.

fuel rod

Chemistry; Neurochemistry

A metal tube containing a radioactive substance that is used to produce energy in a nuclear reactor.


Chemistry; Neurochemistry

Neurochemistry is the specific study of neurochemicals, which include neurotransmitters and other molecules such as neuro-active drugs that influence neuron function. This principle closely examines ...

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