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Neuroscience is a branch of biology concerned with the study of the nervous system, the brain and the links between brain activities and behaviors.

Contributors in Neuroscience


synaptic plasticity

Biology; Neuroscience

Changes in the efficacy and local geometry of synaptic connections and transmission; one basis of learning, memory, and other forms of brain plasticity.


Biology; Neuroscience

Characteristic collections of neuropil in the olfactory bulbs; formed by dendrites of mitral cells and terminals of olfactory receptor cells, as well as processes from local interneurons.

pontine-geniculate-occipital (PGO) waves

Biology; Neuroscience

Characteristic encephalographic waves that signal the onset of rapid eye movement sleep.


Biology; Neuroscience

Chemical signals originating from one set of cells that influence the differentiation of other cells.


Biology; Neuroscience

Childhood brain tumor associated with mutations of Sonic hedgehog and other genes in the Shh signaling pathway.

ciliary body

Biology; Neuroscience

Circular band of muscle surrounding the lens; contraction allows the lens to round up during accommodation.


Biology; Neuroscience

Circular pigmented membrane behind the cornea; perforated by the pupil.

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