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Number theory

partition function

Mathematics; Number theory

The partition function, p(n), counts the number of ways the integer n can be written as a sum of positive integers. For example, p(4)=5 because there are 5 way to write the number 4 as a sum of whole ...


Mathematics; Number theory

A group of rules and procedures for solving a problem in a series of steps. Algorithms are used in mathematics and in computer programs for figuring out solutions.

Cartesian coordinate system

Mathematics; Number theory

A system in mathematics that is used to locate a point in a plane. This point is identified by two numbers that represent its distance.

common divisor

Mathematics; Number theory

A number that two or more other numbers can be divided by with a remainder of zero. The number 3 is a common divisor of both 9 and 15.


Mathematics; Number theory

A number that is written using a period called a decimal point that separates some of the number's digits from the rest.

even number

Mathematics; Number theory

A number that can be divided by 2 with a remainder of 0. Examples of even numbers include 12 and 876.


Mathematics; Number theory

A number that shows how many times a number is multiplied by itself. The exponent usually appears in smaller size.

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