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Operating systems

Software that handles the basic functionality of hardware.

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Operating systems


Software; Operating systems

To emphasize displayed characters, as by displaying them in reverse video (light on dark rather than dark on light, and vice versa) or against a colored background.


Software; Operating systems

Pertaining to the device, program, file, record or portion of the screen that is currently operational or subject to command operations.

cross hatch

Software; Operating systems

Shading made up of regularly spaced, intersecting lines.

default gateway

Software; Operating systems

A configuration item for the TCP/IP protocol that is the IP address of a directly reachable IP router. Configuring a default gateway creates a default route in the IP routing table.


Software; Operating systems

To translate all the source code of a program from a high-level language into object code prior to execution of the program.

header row

Software; Operating systems

The first row in a spreadsheet. The header row contains category labels that describe the contents of the columns.


Software; Operating systems

To display the subentries contained within a folder or outline view.

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