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Of or pertaining to the branch of physics that studies the properties and behavior of light. This includes how light interacts with matter and the instruments used to detect it.

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focal length

Physics; Optics

The distance from the surface of a lens or mirror to the point where the light rays come together to form a clear image.


Physics; Optics

Dutch scientist who invented a way to make better lenses for telescopes. He discovered Saturn's fourth satellite.


Physics; Optics

A piece of glass that is shaped in such a way as to form an image. Lenses work by changing the direction of light.

magnifying glass

Physics; Optics

A lens that makes objects look larger than they really are. A magnifying glass has a convex lens.


Physics; Optics

The condition of being nearsighted. Myopia can be corrected with glasses. It can be corrected by exercise also.

objective lens

Physics; Optics

The lens that is closest to the object being viewed with an instrument such as a telescope or a microscope.


Physics; Optics

A surface, such as glass coated with a metal, that reflects light. Mirrors gather light in reflecting telescopes.

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