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Oriental rugs

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Oriental rugs

Koum Kapi Rug

Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

Turkish Rug, size - 246x132. Offered at Christie's, London, April 27, 1995 as Lot 494, estimated at GBP 20,000-30,000, sold for 38,000.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

Early islamic script stylized in carpets usually borders.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A famous Turkish rug production center as early as the 18th century. Ladik is most known for small prayer rugs with triple arch mihrabs, stepped mihrabs, or two column mihrabs. Main colors are red ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A village north of Kerman known for very finely knotted Kerman rugs. The name of the village is actually Ravar so these types of Kermans should actually be termed Ravar Kermans as opposed to Lavar ...

Lesghi Star

Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A prominent design in Caucasian Rugs which depicts an eight pointed star with four radiating arrows. It is found most frequently on rugs from Dagestan.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A tribe of black-tent nomads and settled villagers, long established in the northern and central Zagros mountains of south Persia, politically and linguistically linked to the Bahktiari. They make ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A name which is probably derived from the village of Mahallat in the Arak region. The term is also frequently referred to carpets from this region that have a medium weave and knot count, are woven ...

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