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PC peripherals

Any device that is connected to the host computer to expand its capabilities but is not a core component of the host.

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PC peripherals


Computer; PC peripherals

peripherical tool to input and ouput information.


Computer; PC peripherals

A modem allows two computers to communicate over ordinary phone lines. It derives its name from modulate / demodulate, the process by which it converts digital computer data back and forth for use ...


Computer; PC peripherals

The screen for viewing computer information is called a monitor.


Computer; PC peripherals

In a printer it is a revolving cylinder acts as the printing element.

optical mouse

Computer; PC peripherals

An optical mouse uses a light-emitting diode and photodiodes to detect movement relative to the underlying surface, unlike wheeled mice which use a set of one rolling ball and two chopper wheels for ...


Computer; PC peripherals

type of peripheral device that produces hard copies of information generated by a computer on paper and other media

toner cartridge

Computer; PC peripherals

consumable module of a laser printer that contains a coloring agent

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