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Printing paper and industry terms.

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Printing & publishing; Paper

Wet paper passes through these large cylindrical steam heated rolls that dry paper webs. The dry-end of the paper machine.


Printing & publishing; Paper

Web of paper. Paper wound around a core or shaft to form a continuous roll or web of paper.

gluing off

Printing & publishing; Paper

The process of applying glue to the spine of a book to be casebound, after sewing and smashing, and before trimming.


Printing & publishing; Paper

To align sheets of paper into a compact pile.

page flex

Printing & publishing; Paper

The number of flexes a book page can withstand before loosening from the binding.

spiral binding

Printing & publishing; Paper

Wires in a spiral form inserted through specially punched holes along the binding edge.

quick-set inks

Printing & publishing; Paper

Those inks that set-up faster and dry faster, usually from top to bottom. These inks are used when sheets have to be sent back through the press faster than normal drying time will allow.

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