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Paper production

Paper manufacturing and production terms.

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Paper production


Manufacturing; Paper production

Wood from deciduous trees having short fibers.

gross weight

Printing & publishing; Paper

The total weight of merchandise and shipping container.


Manufacturing; Paper production

Woven, endless belt made of wool, cotton or synthetic materials used to transport the paper web on the paper machine, during manufacture. Felts act as a conveyor while at the same time removing water ...

dimensional stability

Printing & publishing; Paper

Characteristic of paper to retain its dimensions in all directions under the stress of production and adverse changes in humidity.


Printing & publishing; Paper

Characteristic of paper. A slightly rough paper which permits acceptance of ink readily.


Printing & publishing; Paper

(1) A station on the gathering line. (2) Paper, cloth, vinyl, or other material made into a pocket, with or without gussets, affixed inside the front or back cover of a book. A pocket may be made ...


Printing & publishing; Paper

(1) A reusable platform support, made of wood, on which sheets of paper are delivered, and on which printed sheets or folded sections are stacked. Also used to ship materials, usually in cartons ...

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