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The study of parasites.

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Biology; Parasitology

A commonly mistaken term. Ringworm is the common name given to skin infections by certain fungi. The correct term is Tinea. The condition is not caused by a worm at all, and the name dates from a ...


Biology; Parasitology

A group of arthropods normally featuring 4 pairs of legs and two major body segments (cephalothorax and abdomen). Parasitic arachnids include mites and ticks. The group also includes the spiders and ...


Biology; Parasitology

A group of Flukes which live in the blood vessels of their hosts. Unlike most other flukes, the schistosomes are dioecious.

filarial worm

Biology; Parasitology

A group of long, hair-like nematodes in which the adults live in the blood or tissues of vertebrates. In some species, the larvae may be found in the blood. Examples of diseases caused by filarial ...


Biology; Parasitology

A group of organisms also known as the Roundworms. Nematodes have what can only be described as a typical "worm" shape - long, tapered at the ends and round in cross-section (think of the shape of an ...


Biology; Parasitology

A group of organisms characterized by having a flat, unsegmented body and complex multi-stage life-cycles. Flukes (comprising Class Trematoda) are members of the Phylum Platyhelminths, or the ...


Biology; Parasitology

A group of organisms comprising a whole phylum (Phylum Platyhelminths). Flatworms have flat bodies (as the name suggests) and are normally hermaphroditic. Phylum Platyhelminths consists of three ...

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