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Particle physics


Physics; Particle physics

A unit used to measure electric current and is measured how great a charge passes a given point in a second.

ordered amorphous carbon clusters (OACC)

Physics; Particle physics

An ultra-hard carbon crystal created artificially by subjecting solvated carbon-60 molecules to extremely high pressures more than 300,000 times than that of atmosphere. The resulting carbon, known ...


Physics; Particle physics

The length of time needed for half of an amount of a radioactive element to decay, is called as half-life.


Physics; Particle physics

Swedish scientist who invented dynamite. When he died, he left his fortune to create a prize which is named for him.

radioactive decay

Physics; Particle physics

The natural breakdown of the nucleus of a radioactive chemical element. Radioactive decay releases energy in the form of radiation.


Physics; Particle physics

The release of energy in the form of radiation from radioactive elements that are undergoing radioactive decay.

radiometric dating

Physics; Particle physics

A way of figuring out the age of an object based on the amount of a particular radioactive material in it.

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