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Peace keeping

Hybrid of politico-military interventions aimed at conflict control usually with the involvement of the United Nations presence in the field by military and civilian personnel.

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Peace keeping

Napalm Girl

Military; Peace keeping

Napalm Girl is the famous girl depicted in the Vietnam Era photograph by Associated Press photographer Huynh Cong "Nick" Ut, depicting a naked Vietnamese girl running naked after a napalm attack. ...

marching-in survey

Military; Peace keeping

Physical verification of all contingent owned stores, equipment and vehicles and UN owned accountable items when a member nation's contingent enters the mission area; the actual amount of the ...

psychological operations (PSYOPS)

Military; Peace keeping

Planned psychological operations activities in peace and war directed to enemy, friendly, and neutral audiences in order to influence attitudes and behavior affecting the achievement of political and ...


Military; Peace keeping

Point on a railway where loads are transferred between trains and other means of transport.

access point

Military; Peace keeping

Point on the BZ boundary, where the police stops vehicles to check the drivers' and passengers' passes.

constabulary function

Military; Peace keeping

Possible function of the military in the future: to prevent use of the air, sea or land for proscribed activities, or to enforce embargoes, no-fly-zones or civil order.

vehicle reporting point (VRP)

Military; Peace keeping

Predetermined point on a patrol route where the patrol calls in its position to base on the radio net.

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