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Culture; People

verbo limpar esfregar polir expulsar arear libertar de libertar-se de desengordurar tirar


Culture; People

A public performance, as of poetry or music and the act of repeating something learned by heart is called as recital.


Culture; People

A rich meal served on a special occasion for a large group of people; we feasted on duck to celebrate the opening of the hunting season.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Culture; People

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by the UNESCO organization as of special cultural or physical importance. It can be a forest, mountain, lake, desert, monument, building, ...


Culture; People

Bunad is a word for Norwegian 20th Century folk costume. The bunad movement started in the 19th Century during the romantic nationalism. The clothing are very elaborate with embroidery, scarves, ...


Culture; People

Άραβας. Γενικός όρος για εθνικότητες/ανθρώπους που ζουν στον Αραβικό κόσμο.


Culture; People

Known for the distinctive black-tents made of goats hair, the Belouch are a nomadic group inhabiting eastern Iran, western Pakistan and Southern Afghanistan. They speak a language related to Persian. ...

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