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Of or pertaining to products that emit an attractive fragrance when applied on the body.

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gaiac wood

Personal care products; Perfume

The oil is steam distilled from a South American tree that produces the hardest, densest wood known.

splash cologne

Personal care products; Perfume

It is light, watery alcohol/perfume oil solution of 1%-3% perfume oil in 99%-97% alcohol, respectively. They are used generously, for refreshment for the whole body, after the shower or bath for ...


Personal care products; Perfume

Stability refers to how long a fragrance lasts, either in the bottle with the other ingredients, or exposed to heat, light or air.


Personal care products; Perfume

The strength of a fragrance refers to how intense its scent is.


Personal care products; Perfume

Substantivity refers to how long a fragrance lasts on a particular surface, and how it’s affected by temperature, humidity, and other such conditions.


Personal care products; Perfume

The sweetness of a fragrance can be described in several ways – it can be used to refer to a vanilla sweetness, a floral sweetness, or a fruity sweetness. Whichever one is used, it refers to a rich, ...


Personal care products; Perfume

Synthetic is a term that’s used to refer to a substance that’s man-made, with the specific purpose of duplicating a particular scent. Synthetics are sometimes better than natural materials because ...

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