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Any chemical or substance used to kill or inhibit the growth of pests that damage or interfere with the growth of crops, shrubs, tress, timber and other vegetation useful to humans.

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benchmark response (BMR)

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

A designated level or percent of response relative to the control level of response used in calculating a BMD.

best management practices (BMP)

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

Procedures or controls other than effluent limitations to prevent or reduce pollution of surface water (includes runoff control, spill prevention, and operating procedures).


Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

Benchmark Dose associated with a 10% response adjusted for background. For example, these BMD(10) values are doses expected to produce a 10% reduction in brain cholinesterase activity compared with ...

comparative effect level (CEL)

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

Dose by which potency of chemicals may be compared; e.g. the dose causing a maximum of 15% cholinesterase inhibition.

confidential business information (CBI)

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

Information that contains trade secrets, commercial or financial information, or other information that has been claimed as confidential by the submitter.


Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

The connection and piping through which gases enter and exit a piece of equipment.


Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

Any substance which evaporates quickly.

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