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1) The science and practice of the preparation and dispensing of medicinal drugs. 2) A store where medicinal drugs are dispensed and sold.

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Health care; Pharmacy

A synopsis (usually of 250 words or less) of the most important aspect(s) of an article.


Health care; Pharmacy

A heterogeneous group of diseases characterized by the abnormal, uncontrolled growth of cells, which are capable of crossing normal anatomic boundaries to invade other tissues and even spread to ...

descriptive epidemiology

Health care; Pharmacy

Activities related to characterizing patterns of disease occurrence.


Health care; Pharmacy

A term used to describe a statistical test if it reduces the chances of a type I error.


Health care; Pharmacy

* One of the standard terms for describing the outcome status of a patient's medical condition being treated with pharmacotherapy. * The goals of therapy have not been achieved despite adequate ...

crude rate

Health care; Pharmacy

A rate for the entire population that is not specific or adjusted for any given subset of the population.

experimental study

Health care; Pharmacy

A comparative study involving an intervention or manipulation. It is called a trial when human subjects are involved.

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