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Physical anthropology

The branch of anthropology that studies the development of the human race in the context of other primate species.

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Physical anthropology


Anthropology; Physical anthropology

An inadequacy or an excess of some key element(s) in the diet, such as proteins, fats, or specific minerals and vitamins. See undernourishment and overnourishment.


Anthropology; Physical anthropology

An impairment of vision caused by the lenses of the eyes becoming cloudy. Cataracts are common in elderly people. They may be inherited or caused by diabetes and environmental factors.


Anthropology; Physical anthropology

An immature female sex cell. These egg precursor cells, or primary oöcytes, are produced before birth. They become secondary oöcytes usually one by one after puberty when hormones trigger ...

chronic disease

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

An illness that lasts for a long period of time or indefinitely. In contrast, an acute disease is one with a rapid onset and a short but usually severe course.


Anthropology; Physical anthropology

An extremely rare genetically inherited condition in which babies are born with extremely small brains and heads. This fatal condition has been found only among the children of 23 Old Order Amish ...

oxidizable carbon ratio (OCR) dating

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

An experimental dating technique based on the fact that organic carbon in soil humus and charcoal progressively convert to oxidizable carbon over time. The ratios of these two forms of carbon vary ...

punctuated equilibrium

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

An evolutionary history in which a species remains essentially unchanged for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years and then experiences short periods of very rapid evolution. The ...

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