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Physical geography


Geography; Physical geography

A large ancient monument that was built in southern England over 3,000 years ago.It consists of many large stones with some weighing up to 100,000 pounds.

Arctic circle

Geography; Physical geography

The line of latitude that forms the boundary between the North Temperate Zone and the North Frigid Zone.


Geography; Physical geography

Very dry because of little rainfall. An arid region, such as desert, does not have enough water for most trees or woody plants to grow.


Geography; Physical geography

The fall or slide of a large mass of snow or rock down the side of a mountain is called as avalanche.


Geography; Physical geography

A hollow area in the Earth, having an opening to the outside and these are made by water washing away limestone.


Geography; Physical geography

A hill with steep, cliff like sides and a flat top and it is smaller than a mesa.

continental diivde

Geography; Physical geography

A region of high ground that separates the rivers flowing in one direction on a continent from the rivers flowing in another direction.

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