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A physicist is a scientist who studies or practices physics. Physicists study a wide range of physical phenomena in many branches of physics spanning all length scales: from sub-atomic particles of which all ordinary matter is made (particle physics) to the behavior of the material Universe as a whole (cosmology).

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Ernst Karl Abbe

People; Physicists

Ernst Karl Abbe was a German physicist, optometrist, entrepreneur, and social reformer. Together with Otto Schott and Carl Zeiss, he laid the foundation of modern optics. Abbe developed numerous ...

Robert Adler

People; Physicists

Robert Adler was an Austrian-born American inventor who held numerous patents. The invention Adler is best known for is the wireless remote control for televisions. While not the first remote ...

Konrad Adenauer

People; Physicists

Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer was a German statesman. As Chancellor of Germany from 1949 to 1963, he led his country from the ruins of World War II to a powerful and prosperous nation that forged ...

Alois Alzheimer

People; Physicists

Aloysius "Alois" Alzheimer was a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist and a colleague of Emil Kraepelin. Alzheimer is credited with identifying the first published case of "presenile dementia", ...

Manfred von Ardenne

People; Physicists

Manfred von Ardenne was a German research and applied physicist and inventor. He took out approximately 600 patents in fields including electron microscopy, medical technology, nuclear technology, ...

Leopold Auerbach

People; Physicists

Leopold Auerbach was a German anatomist and neuropathologist born in Breslau.Auerbach studied Medicine at the University of Breslau, the University of Berlin and the University of Leipzig. He became ...

Max Abraham

People; Physicists

Max Abraham was a German physicist. Abraham was born in Danzig, Imperial Germany to a family of Jewish merchants. His father was Moritz Abraham and his mother was Selma Moritzsohn. Attending the ...

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