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Musical equipment; Pianos

The original name for an early version of the piano, in use from approximately 1700 to 1850.

piano rebuilding

Musical equipment; Pianos

The process of replacing major parts of the piano or sets of parts. This may also include case refinishing.

piano reconditioning

Musical equipment; Pianos

Restoring the condition of exciting piano parts and their functions.

piano strings

Musical equipment; Pianos

The steel and copper wires that produce the musical tone in a piano. There are three strings per note throughout most of the piano range.

piano tuning

Musical equipment; Pianos

is the act of making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings of a piano to properly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is in tune.


Musical equipment; Pianos

The wooden structure that holds the tuning pins in place. Also known as a wrestplank.


Musical equipment; Pianos

The highness or lowness of a sound, corresponding to the frequency of vibrations.

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