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Planetary science

The scientific study of planets including Earth, moons, and planetary systems of the Solar System in particular and the processes that form them.

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Planetary science

evening star

Astronomy; Planetary science

A planet, not a star, that can be seen in the west just after sunset and it is usually Venus or Mercury.

simple sugar molecule

Astronomy; Planetary science

Also called glycolaldehyde, the simple sugar molecule is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and plays a key role in the chemical reaction that forms ribonucleic acid (RNA), a crucial biomolecule ...


Astronomy; Planetary science

A planet that is sixth in distance from the Sun and is the second largest planet in the Solar System.


Astronomy; Planetary science

American scientist who was one of the first people to proposed that rockets could be used to travel into space.


Astronomy; Planetary science

Existing or happening between planets. A satellite that is launched from the Earth to orbit Mercury travels through interplanetary space.


Astronomy; Planetary science

The planet that is fifth in distance from Sun. It is the largest planet in the Solar System.


Astronomy; Planetary science

The planet that is closest to the Sun. Mercury is the second smallest planet in the Solar System and has a rocky surface.

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