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Plasma physics

The branch of physics concerned with matter in its plasma (gas) state in which a certain portion of the particles are ionized.

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Plasma physics


Physics; Plasma physics

A substance that can give off visible light after it has absorbed some form of radiation like x-rays.


Physics; Plasma physics

A daytime layer of the earth's ionosphere roughly between the altitudes of 85 and 140 km.


Physics; Plasma physics

The region of the earth's upper atmosphere containing a small percentage of free electrons and ions produced by photoioniza- tion of the constituents of the atmosphere by solar ultraviolet radiation ...

ionization patch

Physics; Plasma physics

Solar-produced plasma that has been detached from the dayside subauroral ionosphere by a changing convection pattern and transported.

air glow

Physics; Plasma physics

Amorphous, optical radiation continuously emitted by a planetary atmosphere. It extends from the far ultraviolet into the near infrared. The Earth's air glow arises mainly from discrete atomic and ...

cyclotron radius

Physics; Plasma physics

Radius of orbit of charged particle about a magnetic field line. Also called gyroradius, Larmor radius.

turbulent flow

Physics; Plasma physics

Fluid motion in which random motions of parts of the fluid are superimposed upon a simple pattern of flow. All or nearly all fluid flow displays some degree of turbulence. The opposite is laminar ...

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