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Referring to the skilled trade of working with pipes and plumbing fixtures that provide water or drain waste.

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Construction; Architecture

water recipient like a well or a tank


Construction; Plumbing

A thermoplastic (heat activated) used on the surfaces of bathtubs and whirlpools. It usually comes in sheets and is backed by fiberglass to form waterproof shower walls.


Construction; Plumbing

A fitting that unites different types of pipe together, for example: ABS (Aristocraft bristone styrine) to cast iron pipe.


Construction; Plumbing

The measurement of constituents in a water supply which determine alkaline conditions. The alkalinity of water is a measure of its capacity to neutralize acids, also referred to as pH.


Construction; Plumbing

A device screwed into the end of a faucet spout that mixes air into flowing water, and controls flow to reduce splashing. It sometimes contains a baffle to reduce flow to 2.5 gpm.


Construction; Plumbing

The level of concentration of acid in water. Acid will neutralize an alkali or base. It is usually expressed in terms of its calcium carbonate equivalent .


Construction; Plumbing

A substance that increases the concentration of hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. Most acids dissolve common metals and will react with a base to form a salt.

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