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Poetry is a form of literary art making use of rythmic and aesthetic qualities of language to evoke meanings. Poetry has a long history evolving from folk music.

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alliterative metre

Literature; Poetry

The distinctive verse form of old germanic poetry, including old english.

amoebean verse

Literature; Poetry

A poetic form in which two characters chant alternate lines, couplets, or stanzas, in competition or debate with one another.


Literature; Poetry

A metrical foot made up of two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed syllable, as in the word 'interrupt'.

anxiety of influence

Literature; Poetry

In the unusual view of literary history offered by the critic Harold Bloom, a poet's sense of the crushing weight of poetic tradition which he has to resist and challenge in order to make room for ...


Literature; Poetry

The Greek word for 'headless', applied to a metrical verse line that lacks the first syllable expected according to regular metre.


Literature; Poetry

A Greek verse form using a four-line stanza in which the first two lines have eleven syllables each, the third nine, and the fourth ten.


Literature; Poetry

Taken from a mock-epic poem of anonymous authorship, batrachomyomachy literally means "a battle between frogs and mice." In a figurative sense, it refers to a fight over nothing, or a storm in a ...

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