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Political philosophy

Political philosophy is the study of topics such as liberty, justice, rights, laws, and the enforcement of legal code.

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Political philosophy

simple majoritarianism

Political systems; Political philosophy

Simple majoritarianism is a decision rule that selects alternatives which have a majority, that is, more than half the votes.

plurality voting system

Political systems; Political philosophy

The plurality voting system is a single-winner voting system often used to elect executive officers or to elect members of a legislative assembly which is based on single-member constituencies. In ...


Political systems; Political philosophy

First past the post voting is a generic term referring to an election determined by the highest polling candidate(s).The term first past the post (abbreviated FPTP or FPP) was coined as an analogy to ...

two-round system

Political systems; Political philosophy

The two-round system (also known as the second ballot, runoff voting or ballotage) is a voting system used to elect a single winner. Under runoff voting, the voter casts a single vote for their ...

preferential voting

Political systems; Political philosophy

Preferential voting (or preference voting) is a type of ballot structure used in several electoral systems in which voters rank a list or group of candidates in order of preference.

single transferable vote

Political systems; Political philosophy

The single transferable vote (STV) is a voting system based on proportional representation and preferential voting. Under STV votes are initially allocated to an elector's most preferred candidate ...

schulze method

Political systems; Political philosophy

The Schulze method is a voting system developed in 1997 by Markus Schulze that selects a single winner using votes that express preferences. The method can also be used to create a sorted list of ...

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