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Political theory

Concepts and principles used to describe political events

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Political theory


Politics; Political theory

A main school of international relations. Seeks to achieve lasting peace and cooperation in international relations. Liberalists reject Realism's argument that peace cannot exist. Instead they use a ...


Politics; Political theory

A theory of international relations. States that world politics is driven by competitive self-interest. Realism is based on 5 basic assumptions developed by John Mearsheimer: 1. Great powers are the ...

Democratic Peace Theory

Politics; Political theory

A theory which states democracies do not engage in armed conflict with other democracies. The theory states that the following factors are responsible for the peace between liberal states. 1. ...


Politics; Political theory

A international relations theory that claims significant aspects of international relations are historically and socially constructed, rather than inevitable consequences of human nature. ...

wilderness preservationism

Politics; Political theory

A form of environmentalism positing the intrinsic importance of wilderness for humankind.

welfare state

Politics; Political theory

The provision for redistributive benefits such as education and health services by the state.

vote of censure

Politics; Political theory

A motion of nonconfidence requiring the prime minister and the cabinet to resign.

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