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industrial waste

Environment; Pollution

The left-over substances from an industrial process, such as dirty water, chemicals,pieces of metal,oil,dirt,chips of wood,and food scraps are all termed as industrial waste.


Environment; Pollution

To release lava, gas, ash, or hot water into the atmosphere or onto the Earth's surface. Active volcanoes continue to erupt.


Environment; Pollution

A form of air pollution that is produced when sunlight reacts with poisonous gases from factories and automobiles.

acid rain

Environment; Pollution

It is rain carrying chemical pollution. When industries burn coal and oil, nitrogen rise into the air and dissolve in the atmosphere.

global warming

Environment; Pollution

A rise in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere.Many scientists believe that global warming is caused by release of greenhouse gases.


Environment; Pollution

An area of air,water, or ground that contains pollutants. Plumes come from a single source, and the pollutants spread by way of wind.


Environment; Pollution

To make the environment so dirty or unpleasant that it is harmful to living things.

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