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Private equity

leveraged recapitalisation

Financial services; Private equity

Transaction in which a company borrows a large sum of money and distributes it to its shareholders.

leveraged buy-out fund (LBO Fund)

Financial services; Private equity

An investment fund or company focusing on financing leveraged buyouts.

information rights

Financial services; Private equity

The contractual right to obtain information about a company, including, for example, attending board meetings. Typically received by venture capitalists investing in privately held companies.

institutional investor

Financial services; Private equity

An institution such as an investment company, mutual fund, insurance company, pension fund or endowment fund that generally has substantial assets and experience in investments. In many countries, ...

investment letter

Financial services; Private equity

A written agreement between an investor and a seller of securities in a private placement.

investment bank or banker

Financial services; Private equity

A person or firm engaged in the investment banking business, which typically includes activities such as underwriting the sale of securities, valuing businesses, advising on the financial aspects of ...

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