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Project management

Referring to the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project objectives.

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Project management

estimate to complete (ETC)

Business services; Project management

The expected additional cost needed to complete all the remaining work for a schedule activity, work breakdown structure component, or the project. See also earned value technique and estimate at ...

substantial completion date

Business services; Project management

The date on which a contractor reaches a point of completion, when subsequent interfacing contractors can productively begin work or the owner can occupy the project, in whole or in part, without ...


Business services; Project management

An assessment of the adverse effect of the risk occurring. Used in risk analysis as one part of the assessment of a risk, the other being likelihood.

project process groups

Business services; Project management

The five process groups required for any project that have clear dependencies and that are required to be performed in the same sequence on each project, independent of the application area or the ...

exception report

Business services; Project management

Document that includes only major variations from plan (rather than all variations).


Business services; Project management

The schedule activity that follows a predecessor activity, as determined by their logical relationship.

project procurement management

Business services; Project management

A subset of project management that includes the processes required to acquire goods and services to attain project scope form outside the performing organization. It consists of procurement, ...

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