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The practice or occupation of engaging in sex with others for money. Prostitution is illegal in most countries.

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high school prostitutes

Law enforcement; Prostituion

5 men were arrested on allegations of forcing high school girls, age 16-18, into becoming prostitutes in Northern Virginia. Justin Strom, the 26 year old leader of the Underground Gangster Crips, ...

Secret Service prostitution scandal

Law enforcement; Prostituion

An embarrassing sex scandal involving eleven Secret Service personnel in Columbia which overshadowed U.S. President Barack Obama's diplomatic mission to Latin America in April 2012. The agents ...


Law enforcement; Prostituion

American slang for a (male) person who buys sexual favours from prostitutes, plural form "johns". The term "john" is believed to originate from the first name "John", a name so common in the ...


Law enforcement; Prostituion

Slang for a male organizer of prostitution. The female equivalent is referred to as a "madam". The pimp typically collect a portion of the prostitute's earnings in exchange for protection and ...


Law enforcement; Prostituion

A (female) organizer of prostitution. A madam typically owns or operates a brothel, an establishment where prostitutes work. The sex workers typically have to pay the madam a portion of their ...

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