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Protective equipment

Of or pertaining to equipement worn during sports play in order to protect the body.

Contributors in Protective equipment

Protective equipment

equestrian helmet

Sporting goods; Protective equipment

A riding helmet (or equestrian helmet) is a special helmet created to protect the head of horse riders in falls and from hard strokes in general. The riding helmet design makes it very useful as it ...

body protection

Sporting goods; Protective equipment

In a zombie apocalypse, body protection is very important. Not only to protect from potential bites from zombies, but to prevent causing open wounds that could get infected due to lack of a sterile ...

rain gear

Sporting goods; Protective equipment

Rain gear is comprised of a top piece and bottom piece, respectively shielding the torso and legs from rain. Rain gear is meant mostly for outdoor activities, when carrying an umbrella or finding ...

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