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Publishing is the process of producing literature, music or information and making it available to the general public.

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Printing & publishing; Publishing

A line or separation in the presentation of an image; see drop out. Also, a strip or stripe of color; see illustration. Also, a track or channel, as audio segment or computer memory.


Printing & publishing; Publishing

A sequence of ordered items awaiting processing, especially for some electronic action in a computer system. See pagination, gang.


Printing & publishing; Publishing

An absorbent material made from plant pulp or fibrous substances, usually in thin sheets or leaves, dyed or bleached to a desired hue, pressed or polished into a desired texture, and variously sized ...


Printing & publishing; Publishing

Communication using a formalized system of arbitrary vocal sounds, orthographic symbols and signs, or nonverbal gestures in conventional ways with conventional meanings, such as spoken language, sign ...


Printing & publishing; Publishing

Rubber-coated pad, mounted on a cylinder of an offset press, that receives the inked image from the plate, and transfers it to the surface to be printed by the impression cylinder. See doubling.

hypertext markup language (HTML)

Printing & publishing; Publishing

The language format used to develop and write document pages on the World Wide Web. Webpages are built with HTML codes or tags (qv) embedded into the text. HTML defines the webpage layout, ...

tip / tipping / tip-in / tipping-in

Printing & publishing; Publishing

To insert or inset an additional page or supplemental sheet into a signature before binding, as for illustrations or corrigenda. See half-title page, integral.

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