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Radiation hazards

Terms related to radiation and its hazards.

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Radiation hazards


Environment; Radiation hazards

The outer layer of thin and extremely hot gas that surrounds the sun and other stars. It is only visible during a total eclipse of the sun.

nuclear waste

Environment; Radiation hazards

Radioactive (nuclear) pollution is a special form of physical pollution related to all major life-supporting systems – air, water and soil. It is always convenient to discuss radioactive pollution ...

greenhouse effect

Environment; Radiation hazards

The trapping of the Sun's heat in the Earth's atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is caused by the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse effect

Environment; Radiation hazards

The greenhouse effect occurs when the thermal energy reflected by the Earth to the atmosphere (from the sun) is absorbed by the greenhouse gases on it. Due to this, the radiation goes again to the ...

sodium iodide (NaI) detector

Environment; Radiation hazards

A detector which combines a scintillation crystal (produces light when struck by ionizing radiation), a photomultiplier tube, and associated electronic circuits for counting light emissions produced ...


Environment; Radiation hazards

A general term referring to all known isotopes, both stable (~279) and unstable (~5000), of the chemical elements.

physical half life

Environment; Radiation hazards

The time required for a radioisotope to reduce activity by half.

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