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Radiology equipment

Radiology equipment is used in the medical profession for the purpose of creating images that expose internal parts of the body.

Contributors in Radiology equipment

Radiology equipment

nuclear tracers

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Radioisotopes that give doctors the ability to "look" inside the body and observe soft tissues and organs, in a manner similar to the way x-rays provide images of bones. A radioactive tracer is ...

stable nucleus

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

The nucleus of an atom in which the forces among its particles are balanced. See also unstable nucleus.


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

A proton or aneutron; a constituent of the nucleus of an atom.

stochastic effect

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

An effect that occurs on a random basis independent of the size of dose. The effect typically has no threshold and is based on probabilities, with the chances of seeing the effect increasing with ...


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

The central part of an atom that contains protons and neutrons. The nucleus is the heaviest part of the atom.

strontium (Sr)

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

A silvery, soft metal that rapidly turns yellow in air. Sr-90 is one of the radioactive fission materials created within a nuclear reactor during its operation. Stronium-90 emits beta particles ...


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

A general term applicable to all atomic forms of an element. Nuclides are characterized by the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, as well as by the amount of energy contained within the ...

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