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Rain & snow


Weather; Rain & snow

A large system of winds that rotate around a region of low atmospheric pressure. Winds in a cyclone spiral in toward the center of the system.


Weather; Rain & snow

Tiny ice crystals that form in a layer on the surface of something, such as grass or a window.


Weather; Rain & snow

The gradual wearing away of the surface of land by water, wind or a glacier. It moves the loosened materials as rocks.


Weather; Rain & snow

Water that falls to the Earth as crystals of ice, called snowflakes. The crystals form in a cloud when water vapour freezes.


Weather; Rain & snow

Water that falls on the Earth in the form of frozen or partly frozen raindrops is called sleet.


Weather; Rain & snow

Water that falls to the Earth as small, rough balls of ice and hard snow. Hail usually falls during thunderstorms.


Weather; Rain & snow

A wind that blows in the opposite direction during the summer than it does during the winter.

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