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Reading device

Any mobile electronic device on which the user can read digital e-books and periodicals.

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Reading device


Consumer electronics; Reading device

A tablet computer with single-screen and dual-screens versions, marketed at students to use as a substitute for textbooks. The Kno has been receiving a lot of media coverage for its prices, set at ...


Consumer electronics; Reading device

A portable e-book device from Amazon.com that uses an electronic ink (e-ink) monochrome display and holds books, blogs and newspapers. Weighing 10 ounces, the Kindle provides wireless connectivity to ...


Consumer electronics; Reading device

Developed by Barnes & Noble, the Nook is an electronic reader. Barnes & Noble has three versions of the Nook: Nook first edition (released November 2009), Nook Color (released Nov 2010), and Nook ...


Consumer electronics; Reading device

TwitterPeek looks like a smartphone but you can only access Twitter on it and nothing else. Phones today are able enough to allow the user to make calls, send texts, listen to music and use every ...

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