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Legal services; Regulations

violation of a law, obligation, tie, code or standard

en banc

Legal services; Regulations

When the entire court sits to hear a case; it tends to indicate a higher degree of importance.


Legal services; Regulations

A formal request to the court in some court action, such as a divorce or probate case. Petition initiates the legal proceedings; in some states, such as Texas, a petition is a complaint.

limited liability

Legal services; Regulations

Limited exposure to lawsuits, usually refers to limiting financial exposure to the amount of interest the individual has in the corporation being sued.


Legal services; Regulations

Headnote is a summary of a portion of a case provided by the publisher at the beginning of the case.


Legal services; Regulations

A demonstration by one or more persons outside a business or organization to protest the entity's activities.


Legal services; Regulations

Protection of usu. political refugees from arrest by a foreign jurisdiction; a nation that affords such protection.

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