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Reproductive systems

The reproductive system is a group of organs that is located in both males and females. Included in this system is the gender specific organs as well as a variety of organs that work together to reach a common goal of reproduction.

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Reproductive systems


Anatomy; Reproductive systems

A hormone that controls the growth and development of the reproductive system in female vertebrates.


Anatomy; Reproductive systems

The external organs of mating and reproduction in male and female animals are called genitals.


Anatomy; Reproductive systems

An organ in the body that produces sex cells. Ovaries and testes are gonads that produce egg and sperms respectively.


Anatomy; Reproductive systems

Not able to produce offspring, seeds, or fruit. An infertile species can not reproduce at all.


Anatomy; Reproductive systems

A plant or animal that has both male and female organs of reproduction. Earth-worms are hermaphrodites.


Anatomy; Reproductive systems

The production of milk in a female mammal after she has given birth to her offspring.


Anatomy; Reproductive systems

The part in female animals that produces eggs. Most vertebrates have two ovaries, one on each side of the body.

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