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Any of various cold-blooded, usually egg-laying vertebrates of the class Reptilia,that have an external covering of scales or horny plates and breathe by means of lungs.

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Animals; Reptiles

A large aquatic reptile that resembles a giant lizard. There are two alligator species in the world—a large type found in the Southern United States and a small type found in East China. Alligators ...


Animals; Reptiles

A small lizard that changes color and appears to blend in with its surroundings and they have large eyes that are able to move separately from each other.


Animals; Reptiles

A kind of reptile that has a long, thin body and no legs. Some snakes have sharp fangs that can give a poisonous bite.


Animals; Reptiles

An animal with a soft, long body and usually no limbs. some worms, such as the earthworms, live in soil.


Animals; Reptiles

(Lacertilia) is a widespread group of squamate reptile, with more than 5600 species.


Animals; Reptiles

An extinct flying reptile that was about the size of a small bird. Pterodactyls lived during the time of the dinosaurs.


Animals; Reptiles

A kind of animal that is cold-blooded, breathes air with lungs, and has skin covered with scales or hard plates.

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