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Rice science

Of or relating to the science of rice cultivation.

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Rice science


Agriculture; Rice science

The total area from which a single river collects surface water runoff; the catchment or drainage area of a river system.

watershed degradation

Agriculture; Rice science

A marked deterioration in the hydrological behavior of a river system which reduces the potential of land and water by causing a water flow of inferior quality, quantity and timing.


Agriculture; Rice science

Impeded drainage; or soil saturated with water but not necessarily with standing water.

waterlogged field

Agriculture; Rice science

A field which continuously has standing water and cannot be drained. The water level may not be deep.

water use efficiency

Agriculture; Rice science

1). Expressed in terms of dry matter or harvested portion of the crop produced per unit of water consumed. 2). Ratio of the water used for evapotranspiration, seepage, and percolation to the sum of ...

water table

Agriculture; Rice science

The upper surface of ground water and the level below it where the soil is saturated with water.

water control

Agriculture; Rice science

To control the amount and depth of water in the ricefield during the required time necessary for crop growth.

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