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Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a sport with the objective being to ascend a cliff while utilizing multiple safety devices.

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Rock climbing


Sports; Rock climbing

A form of rock climbing where the climber never goes high enough that a fall would result in any serious injury.


Sports; Rock climbing

A safety system consisting of straps and loops that is worn around the waist and legs which is used to stop a climber when falling.

belay device

Sports; Rock climbing

A device that is controlled by a person on the ground in order to arrest the climber's falls and through which passes the rope that is tied to the climber.

crash pad

Sports; Rock climbing

A thick mattress used to soften the fall of a climber that is typically only used when bouldering.


Sports; Rock climbing

A safety device carried on a climber's harness that is used to attach to the rock surface in order to then insert the rope as the climber ascends. Typically, the climber carries several as they ...


Sports; Rock climbing

A titanium, aluminum, or steel link with a gate that can be open and closed in order to connect a rope to a harness or other equipment.


Sports; Rock climbing

powder used to dry hands and improve gripping that is carried in pouch attached to climber's harness.

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