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Rugby is a competitive sport played in teams with a oval shaped ball. where the object of the game is to score by carrying the ball across the goal line.

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Sports; Rugby

When a player is not moving when opposing players are quickly moving towards him, is said to be flat footed.

fly half

Sports; Rugby

This player is the leader of the backs and is positioned first in the back line. They call out plays and directs other backs to correct positions. See our section on player positions.

forward pass

Sports; Rugby

When the ball is passed forward deliberately.


Sports; Rugby

These players are in the front unit. Their main purpose is to get possession of the ball. See our section on player positions.


Sports; Rugby

A penalty.


Sports; Rugby

When the defensive team intercepts the ball when a try was almost certain for the other team, which results in a try scored at the other end of the field.


Sports; Rugby

A player who is almost off sides is "On the fringes". This normally occurs during rucks and mauls. A good open side flanker will usually play on the fringes all game long.

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