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Search engine optimization for improved visibility of a website in a search engine's natural or unpaid (organic) search results.

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pageviews per user

Online services; SEO

The average number of pages a user sees when visiting a website. This is an important measure for web traffic rankings. The more pages on average a user sees before leaving the site, the more ...

pay per post (PPP)

Online services; SEO

A search technique where an advertiser pays for posts such as blogs, discussions, quick takes, buzz, video and articles about a particular subject in order to improve search engine performance for ...

call to action

Online services; SEO

A call to action is search engine technique that encourages a user to complete an action as defined by the ad. "Click here", "Buy Now", "Enter to learn more" or "Click to download" are all examples ...

negative keyword

Online services; SEO

Negative keywords are words that prevent ads from showing for search queries containing those terms. By filtering out unwanted impressions, negative keywords can help internet advertisers reach the ...

expandable banner

Online services; Search engines

A banner ad that can expand in physical size when a user clicks or moves the cursor over the banner.

meta tags

Online services; SEO

The meta tag provides metadata about the HTML document. It's the information placed in the HTML code describing different aspects of the page but not displayed by the browser. There are many meta ...

clickthrough rate

Online services; SEO

The percentage rate that people click on a search engine listing or a banner ad. Statistics show that clickthrough rates for search engine listings are six times higher than banner ads.

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