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The activity of controlling and navigating a boat which uses sails as its main means of propulsion.

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Boat; Sailboat

Any fitting used to guide or change direction of a line, giving it a "fair lead" in its travel. Fairleads pre vent chafing as well.

eye strap

Boat; Sailboat

A metal strap fitting shaped to form an "eye" which can be used to secure a fitting or line.


Boat; Sailboat

Any line designed to haul down something, for example the downhaul used to pull down on the gooseneck when on a slide, or a "Cunningham".

diamond spreader

Boat; Sailboat

An intermediate spreader and stay arrangement to reinforce the mast, with the configuration forming a "diamond" shape. The stays do not attach to the boat, only to the mast.

daggerboard trunk

Boat; Sailboat

The case or the housing in the boat for the daggerboard.


Boat; Sailboat

An eye fitting which secures the "deadend" (knotted or spliced) or standing end of a line.


Boat; Sailboat

A vertical plate that sticks out the bottom of the boat by sliding up and down within the daggerboard trunk.

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