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Sailing & yachting

Sailing & yachting is an recreational activity and competitive sport in which the sailor steers a boat, in competitive sailors compete individually or as part of a crew to race to set start and finish points.

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Sailing & yachting

Cowes week

Sports; Sailing & yachting

Cowes week is one of the longest-running regular regattas in the world. It is held on the Solent, the area of water between southern England and the Isle of Wight, and is named after and hosted by ...


Sports; Sailing & yachting

This is an eyelet in a sail that a rope can go through.


Sports; Sailing & yachting

The side away from or sheltered from the wind. The leeward side of an island would mean that this side of the island is sheltered from the wind.


Sports; Sailing & yachting

When a boat is moved sideways, this being caused by either wind or current.


Sports; Sailing & yachting

The stretch of a racecourse bound by two markers or buoys.


Sports; Sailing & yachting

This is the penalty for hitting a buoy. The boat must do one complete circle, which is called a 360-degree penalty turn.

Length Over All LOA

Sports; Sailing & yachting

This refers to the maximum length of a boat or ships haul. This length does not include protruding objects such as a rudder, only refers to the hull.

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