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Scuba diving

Underwater diving in which the diver uses scuba gears to breathe underwater.

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Scuba diving

immersion hypothermia

Sports; Scuba diving

The lowering of body temperature when a diver is fully immersed in cold water without proper thermal protection.


Sports; Scuba diving

A surface-supplied compressed air apparatus, for use in shallow diving in calm waters. The air is delivered to one or more divers through a long hose.


Sports; Scuba diving

A closed-circuit system which filters exhaled air, then recirculates it for rebreathing by the diver; requires special training and maintenance.

high pressure nervous syndrome (HPNS)

Sports; Scuba diving

A condition which results from breathing Helium under high pressures. Early symptoms of HPNS are sometimes seen as shallow as 300FSW but more commonly over 600FSW. The severity also depends on the ...

breath-hold diving

Sports; Scuba diving

Diving without life support apparatus, while holding one's breath.


Sports; Scuba diving

A point or side from which the wind blows; in the direction from which the wind blows; as opposed to, leeward.

gauge pressure

Sports; Scuba diving

Pressure exclusive of atmospheric pressure, when diving, gauge pressure is due to the water pressure.

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