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Seismic safety

Terms relating to the constuction of buildings that can withstand earthquakes.

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Seismic safety


Construction; Architecture

water recipient like a well or a tank

y-braced frame

Construction; Seismic safety

An eccentric braced frame (EBF) in which the stem of the Y is the link of the EBF system.

x-braced frame

Construction; Seismic safety

A concentric braced frame (CBF) in which a pair of diagonal braces crosses near the midlength of the braces.


Construction; Seismic safety

A continuous vertical section of a wall, one masonry unit in thickness.

wind-restraint system

Construction; Seismic safety

The collection of structural elements that provides restraint of the seismic-isolated structure for wind loads. The wind-restraint system may be either an integral part of isolator units or a ...

w waferboard

Construction; Seismic safety

A nonveneered structural panel manufactured from two- to three-inch flakes or wafers bonded together with a phenolic resin and pressed into sheet panels.

vertical irregularity

Construction; Seismic safety

A discontinuity of strength, stiffness, geometry, or mass in one story with respect to adjacent stories.

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